Hand using a face oil filled dropper onto other palm with green plants in the background


Makür Skin is skincare that truly cares for your skin. Our products heal and empower you and your skin. We go beyond the insta-gratification of quick and short-term fixes. Our brand goes in deep -- both in formulation and culture. 

We develop products that are backed by science, integrity, and real-life results. We are committed to building a line that approaches beauty holistically and models a lifestyle around it. We want to glow and grow with you, as you discover how naturally powerful you and your skin are. 

Embrace yourself pure and bare.



As someone that has been in the beauty industry for over 18 years, with 10 of those years developing products for cosmetic companies, I STILL had really bad skin. While I was working for prestige color cosmetic brands, I always wanted to look  ‘put together’ and was wearing heavy makeup to cover all my skin imperfections instead of healing my undernourished skin first.

As I got a little older, I realized I’m doing it completely wrong. I need to heal my skin and bring it back to health rather than always cover it up, and never let it breath. Having healthy, glowing skin - no matter if you choose to wear makeup or not, should always make you feel confident about yourself.

It was almost impossible for me to find skincare that worked for my sensitive oily skin that didn’t cost triple digits. This put me on a mission to formulate a facial oil that not only helped balance my oily skin, but would keep dry skin patches hydrated. I wanted it to have the healing power of natural botanicals that is so rare to find with all the chemicals in modern day ‘skincare’. I wanted it to be an all around product, that you can either replace your moisturizer with, or incorporate it into your routine for the extra healing powers and hydration. After over two years of formulating and testing, we developed our formula for Makur Natural Glow Facial Oil.

I’m so excited to be going on this skincare journey with you and cannot wait to share our new products!